Shruti Sadana

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Shruti Sadana is an actress, producer and television host. She landed a lead role in the indie film Spoilers (2014), a modern day remake of the The Breakfast Club. The film screened in festivals throughout the country and won several awards, including the Temecula Independent Film Festival of Hollywood.

Shruti will be playing Interpol Agent Alvarez in the upcoming thriller Out for Vengeance. She was also cast in the short indie film, The Diner, to play a woman who is physically and emotionally abused by her boyfriend. The story centers around strangers in a diner one evening and a moment that could change the course of their lives. She is also producing a television series, which will be released in 2021.

Shruti and a team of diverse creators are raising awareness on Honor Killings and will be joined by notable celebrities, journalists, and authors. 

In 2015, Shruti produced and starred in the buzz-generating short indie film, Inflatable K alongside Yvonne Wandera, landing them an interview on AOL Build in 2017. The film’s success inspired her co-star and Emeline Rodelas (Executive Producer) to start a female empowerment movement and curriculum called "#OwnHero," which launched in Brooklyn, New York in January 2018. 

Shruti is also a host for Hey Beauti Magazine where she interviews and has deep conversations with celebrities, from the red carpet to one on one.